The Yellow Stuff


Photo above is from Cherry Beach, by Jamie Lee (2016)

Around the end of  February and the beginning of March every year we have what I like to call the “yellow death.”  It’s run-of-the-mill pine pollen, but it lasts for weeks.   The nasty yellow stuff coats EVERYTHING in sight, cars, homes, outdoor furniture, dogs, children…you name it covers it and  it blows across the streets  like snow.  It continues to be a yearly unpleasant experience for this serendipitous southerner.

Oh, we have pine trees up north, but I never remember seeing pollen. let alone in the volume of yellow stuff we get here in the south.  It literally chokes me and makes my nose burn when I walk outside.  It’s a nightmare for someone who has allergies…

The good news is that the appearance of the yellow nuisance means that spring is about to begin, which means beautiful flowers, out-door projects and trips to the beach!

Here are a few tips to survive the yellow clouds of nuisance:

  • Don’t leave your windows open-not only does it cause a yellow mess indoors, it can also contribute to making your allergies worse.
  • Make sure to take your allergy meds during this period of time.
  • Brush off dogs when they come in from going potty during yellow nuisance season, a good suggestion is wearing a mask doing this if you have significant allergies.
  • As much as it pains me to say this-wait to power-wash your porches until after pollen season is over, it just gets recoated every day.
  • Don’t use a broom to sweep that yellow stuff outdoors, use a shop vac or something similar.
  • Make sure to either cover your patio furniture well and bring in cushions, or relocate patio furniture and cushions into your garage for the duration.  Nothing worse than having to replace or wash outdoor cushions.

I am all about not making extra work for myself, so cover or put patio and outdoor furniture cushions away for the duration, trust me you’ll be glad you did.  If your furniture is that woven plastic  or woven rattan, you will have a whale of a time cleaning the yellow nasty off of it.  Put it away!!!

Until next time ya’ll!!!





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